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Why Ongoing Pest Control is Beneficial

When it comes to pests, it is better to be proactive than reactive. Pests not only cause stress and anxiety, but they can also spread disease, damage homes and possessions, and hurt a company’s reputation. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial pest control, there are many advantages to having regular, on-going service by experts that you trust. Here are just a few of the benefits you may receive through your ongoing pest control.


Regular inspections are extremely important to catch problems when they are small and easy to manage. In Queensland, it is an industry recommendation to get a yearly pest and termite inspection done. These inspections are meant to help prevent major infestations and problems before they occur. Your pest control specialist will advise you on possible risks, what can be done to prevent pests, and how often treatments and inspections should occur. A yearly Sunshine Coast pest inspection can make all the difference.

Peace of Mind

Regular pest control takes away a lot of the stress and worry that may accompany owning a home or business. You can feel confident that you will be taken care of because you know who you are working with and how often things need to be done. Great pest control companies have guarantees on their services so that if you have pest problems between regular appointments or after you have had a treatment, they will return and take care of the problem. This is an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

$ Save Money $

Many people don’t like to spend the money to get regular pest control because they feel like it isn’t worth the cost. Those are the same people who may find themselves with an emergency pest situation that will cost substantially more to take care of. For example, if you do not heed the recommendation to get a yearly termite inspection, you may find yourself with a home that is severely damaged or has lost significant value because of termites that you didn’t know were there. According to, 1 in 3 properties in QLD currently have termites. With odds like that, everyone should spend the money to get ongoing pest inspections and control! It just makes financial sense.



If you own a business, you can not afford to let pests infest your office or place of work. With so much riding on customer ratings and reviews, unsightly pests like rodents, roaches, and more can mean the difference between staying in business and failing. Don’t let pests be the difference in your customers’ experience, and instead take the proactive approach of ongoing pest control that prevents pests before there are problems.


If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of ongoing services for pest control Sunshine Coast, now is the time to contact Radar Pest Control. We offer termite inspections, monitoring, and baiting as well as treatments for wasps, roaches, ants, spiders, rodents, and more. Make Radar Pest Control part of your ongoing pest prevention strategy today.


Why You Should Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Household pests can cause loads of trouble for unsuspecting residents. From spreading diseases and contaminating food to destroying household items and damaging home structures, pests are a huge problem along the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia. Some people may decide to head to the hardware store and try to handle the problem on their own, but they may be doing more harm than good. There are many important reasons why it might be better to let the professionals handle your pest problems. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.


Dealing with chemicals and insecticides can be a dangerous business if you do not handle them properly. Professional pest control technicians are licensed and certified to be able to apply them. They know the right products and amounts to use for each situation. Professional technicians also have the right equipment and tools for the job. This greatly minimizes the health and safety risks to you and your family. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident handling the products, do not put your loved ones at risk by attempting it on your own.


Time and Convenience

In this busy world, it is often easy to put off or forget about things that do not seem urgent. If you have a pest problem in your home and do not take care of it, you risk a major infestation that may require massive amounts of time and money. This is one of the huge benefits of professional pest control. With a regular treatment schedule, you do not need to think about pests. Your technicians will come at regular intervals to ensure that your home and family are safe and comfortable. These regular inspections and treatments will catch possible problems early, saving you time and energy.

Money Savings

It may seem hard to believe that hiring a professional could possibly save you money, but in many cases, it is absolutely true. Do-It-Yourself treatments have become popular, but they are not without their costs. Pest control products are expensive, not to mention buying the right equipment to apply them. Professionals can provide higher quality products at a fraction of the cost. They can also save you massive amounts of money by catching potential problems before they get out of control. For example, termites are a huge problem in Queensland. According to, “Regular and thorough inspections by a trained professional may be necessary to detect termite activity…” Termite damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair, so regular inspections by Sunshine Coast pest control professionals can be a wise investment. 


A CSIROsurveyy found that 1 in 3 dwellings in Australia has termites within the property boundary.

More Effective

DIY treatments may work to get rid of pests for a while, but often the pests will only be knocked back and instead return over and over again. Professional pest control companies are more effective at eliminating pests because they implement comprehensive plans and strategies. Not only will they identify and treat the pests with the right chemicals or products, but they will also locate possible entry points, suggest prevention strategies, and perform on-going maintenance treatments. 

Pest Control Sunshine Coast

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefits of professional pest control, contact Radar Pest Control today. Our friendly staff and expert technicians are ready to help your family stay safe and pest-free.

How to Choose a Pest Control Company

When you are looking for someone to enter your home and business to provide pest control treatments around your family and customers, you only want the best of the best! You want to feel confident and comfortable that they will get the job done safely and effectively. The following are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a Sunshine Coast pest control company like


Applying pest control chemicals can be dangerous if done incorrectly, so it is vital to choose a company where the technicians are trained, licensed, and insured. This means that they should be able to show you their Pest Management Technician license when requested. It is also important that they only use products that are approved by national pest control standards. For more information on what pest management technicians must know, check out the QLD Pest Management Requirements



When you are facing a pest problem, you want a company that knows how to take care of it. Having many years of experience means that they have most likely encountered problems similar to yours and know how to resolve them effectively. For example, if you are dealing with termites, you want a company who knows the most current methods, has the best equipment and has successfully helped many other customers with their termite problems. 


Everyone wants pest control at a great price, but that sometimes leads to choosing a company who is willing to skimp on service in order to undercut the competition. This can lead to less than stellar results. What sets a great pest control company apart from the others is the value they bring. Here are some questions to help determine a pest control company’s value. Do they provide a warranty on their services? Do they set up annually scheduled service so that you don’t have to think about pests in the future? Do they provide customized pest control that meets your specific needs and solves your specific problems? Is their pricing straight-forward and easy to find and understand?


Perhaps one of the best ways to determine if a company is great is to talk to their customers. Do they have a good reputation in their field? How are their ratings and reviews? Would their customers recommend them to others? You want to find someone who treats their customers right!



Look for a company who showcases professionalism. Some ways to gauge professionalism might include: looking at the appearance of the staff and technicians, determining how they present themselves on the phone and in person, and looking at the quality of the company’s website. Companies who are dedicated to professionalism often provide the best service. 

Pest Control Sunshine Coast

For safe and effective pest control on the Sunshine Coast, you won’t find a more professional or dedicated company than Radar Pest Control. We serve the great residents of Bli Bli and throughout out the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane. For more information, visit